Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Thin line between MMA and Pro Wrasslin

The line is thin between pro-wrestling and MMA. Many competitors in the sport have come from the world of pro wrestling, long before CM Punk started preparing for his UFC debut. Bobby Lashley, Ron Waterman, Brock Lesner and even Albert Del Rio have strapped on the four once gloves to fight as close to real fighting as they can get.

Rarely does a move from pro wrestling cross over the way the wrestlers do, but when it does happen it's worth noting. Check out a "Rock Bottom" performed by Luis Alberto Nogueira on Yuki Baba at this past weekends Pancrase event:

Pro wrestling, MMA, not matter what you call the move or where it happens, it hurts.  If you need more proof, check out the podcast interview with Pro Wrestler, Matt Macintosh and his response to Dana White's comments about pro-wrestling being fake.

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