Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween isn't over at the New Jersey Comic Expo

New Jersey Comic Expo
Just because Halloween is over, doesn't mean we have to act like it. One of the hottest costume ideas or a reason to wear costume in general is from comic books, and comic conventions. Well, here's your chance central New Jersey, the East Coast debuts the New Hersey Comic Expo right in Edison's NJ Expo Hall on November 21-22.

+The Blogboard Jungle makes its rounds to plenty of Horror-cons, and looks forward to one right in our own backyard. The guest list seems tailor made for comic books fans in NJ, especially with The Godfather of the X-men, Chris Claremont coming as a guest. Punisher MAX writer Garth Ennis will be on hand as well.

If you need anymore proof of how deep New Jersey's comic roots are, just watch an episode of Comic Book Men. They're located about 20 minutes from where the Expo will take place. This show had a strong turn-out on the West Coast and they are looking to duplicate that here.

"Coming off of our strongest year of Long Beach Comic Con to date, we are excited to share two full days of celebrating the comic industry with fans in our own backyard," remarked Martha Donato, a native of the region and President of MAD Event Management. "Most of our staff has been working in the industry for over 20 years, forging long lasting relationships with legendary talents. We are excited to showcase these incredible artists, writers and creative minds."
"Writers and creative minds?" You know we're in, are you? See the full event info below including the pretty awesome guest list.

New Jersey Comic Expo: November 21st & 22nd| Official site

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