Thursday, November 5, 2015

Nightmares (1983) coming to Blu-ray

It is no secret that horror anthologies are a favorite here at +The Blogboard Jungle . One that has been out of print for a long time will soon be out on Blu-ray in time for the holidays. Nightmares (1983) starring a very young Emelio Estevez and Lance Henrikson is one of the first anthologies we got our little eyes on.

The Estevez story in particular was memorable because it has a video game, releasing character from the game and attacking him in the arcade. If you ever played a game for hours in an arcade, you'll know how cool that sounds to old timers like us. Shocktillyoudrop news had details on what would be in the Blu-ray like commentary and the trailer. If you're an older, old school fan of horror, you probably saw it.

Henrikson does battle with the Devil in his story-line who drives a pick-up that would be considered bad-ass by anyone that likes pick-ups. Check out the trailer below, pre-order on Amazon by clicking the above image.

80's Horror Anthology NIGHTMARES coming to Blu-ray|

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