Thursday, September 19, 2019

UFC 244: Press Conference Live

UFC 244 has a main event in November and it's not for your traditional title. It is for the rights to say who is the "Baddest mother f**ker" in the UFC. The two contenders for the right to make such a claim will be having a press conference this evening.

This is who will be in attendance:

DANA WHITE, UFC president

JORGE MASVIDAL, No. 3 ranked UFC welterweight contender

NATE DIAZ, No. 6 ranked UFC welterweight contender

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Monday, September 16, 2019

Bellator 222 highlight


Karate Combat: Evolution 9/21 Official Trailer

Karate Combat returns this weekend with Karate Combat: Evolution featuring their first title fight in a "secret location" according to their initial announcement. Luis "Pitbull" Rocha faces Edgar "The Bearslayer" Skrivers in the main event with other familiar names on the Karate Combat roster. See the announced matches in the featured image above and Karate Combat Evolution trailer below:

Karate Combat Evolution airs this Saturday, 9/21 at 7pm EST. For the full Karate Combat experience, the event can be streamed at and its Android and iOS apps and Roku channel.  Distribution partners have included UFC Fight Pass, FITE, USA Today, YouTube, Twitch, Titan and Eleven Sports.