Thursday, November 5, 2015

The fans have spoken on the Arrow/Constantine crossover

Or at least the ones that follow us on Twitter did. We were so excited about the crossover we put a poll on Twitter to see if fans that wanted to "Save Constantine" wanted the show on Arrow's network. Here's what you all decided:

The crossover showed how Arrow and Constantine met on the infamous island Oliver was stranded on and had him help with his current dilemma with Sara. Way to throw a character in the flashback and "now" of an episode Arrow writers!

Who knows if this will become a thing, when the above poll was posted on Twitter, someone commented that the network may not want to be a comic book network. Although is it really that bad an idea? The comic book culture has proved to me marketable and bring original stories to Hollywood. Would you want another DC character show on the CW? Please comment below.

Ball's in your court TV exec's...don't screw this up.

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