Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Things not to do at UFC 192

No matter where a fighter is on the card, there are certain things a fighter should not do when they make it to the UFC. Francisco Trevino now 12-2 fought newcomer, Sage Northcutt (6-0) and did all things a fighter should not do at UFC 192.

First, he came in overweight at weigh-in, he was four pounds over and still fought. As it happens, four pounds is better than the 26 pounds Johny Hendricks was several days before the fight.  A bad attempt to cut his weight led to him being hospitalized and his bout with Tyron Woodley getting scratched. But if a fighter still fights, over weight and loses another thing not to do when contesting the stoppage by a very good referee, is push the referee.

Herb Dean probably has the lowest rate of error as a ref, most likely due to the fact he has fought himself so he is aware of what it is like being a fighter and is aware of the risks they take. Trevino pushed dean when he wanted to contest the stoppage, stomping your feet and asking why is one thing, but pushing the ref?.  Good or bad, fighters have the right to express their disagreement, but when you push an official it is probably not good for your career.

In the post fight press conference it was hinted that he may be facing disciplinary action for what happened when the fight was stopped. See the stoppage below:

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