Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Strain season two finale review 'Night Train'

Of all the characters they could have gotten rid of the one that was lost in this episode was probably the most innocent and decent. The Ocido Lumin has been acquired but not without taking a serious hit to the characters we got used to this season. Eldridge Pamler had to get put in his place and was made to realize, he's not as smart as he thought.

Coco was made a meal of for The Master when Palmer thought the could flex some financial muscle, he thought he could let The Master know who is in charge by cutting off his funding.  He found out otherwise when confronted by Eichorst and The Master himself. Gus, Angel, and Quinlan have banded together to get the Lumin and the head of The Master by recruiting every thug Gus knew to their cause. A small army will lead into the war in season three when the final fight for humanity is fought. There will be one soldier missing though...

Nora was by Eph's side since the beginning and was prepared to die to protect Zach, which she would do defending the boy against what used to be his mother. She fought well and came very close to finishing her off. But, her efforts would not be enough as Zach's Strigoi mother would land a fatal, worm infested blow. It is too bad her character had to go because she does make it to the third book in that version of this story.

For some reason, Zach is led away with his former mother when The Master call for her he follows. Something inside her still cares for him since she did not bother to feed on him, who knows what will happen in the story line. There are a lot of changes from the books in this show, most of them are good so season three should have a lot of action in it.

Hell of a time to end the show in the month of Halloween. Smart though to not compete with  The Walking Dead.  We'll have to wait until, next July when The Strain returns.

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