Monday, October 12, 2015

Narcos: Review

Narcos, a +Netflix original series that may have came out of nowhere is the result of a lot of people probably watching the Cocaine Cowboys documentaries on the streaming service. The story and names are familiar to anyone who grew up in the 80's and 90's during the war on drugs. Narcos follows what Billy Corbin's documentaries briefly touches on, the story of the rise and fall of Pablo Escobar.

Brilliantly told in a bilingual story-line that will have non-spanish speakers learning new words in another language after they get hooked on this nostalgic story. Yes, you could just look up Escobar on line and know how this ends, but you will not see it unfold on screen the way Netflix pulled this one off. This short series will have you longing for the 80's once you watch the first few episodes.

None of the actors in the series are very well known but after the performances in this, they most likely will be working a lot between now and season two. Yes, there will be a season two, even though we all know how it ends it'll be a fun ride getting there and worth watching.

For violence, nudity, and some real footage from crime scenes and terrorist acts, Narcos is rated 'R' and you should stream it all now.

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