Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Three days left to sign Nick Diaz petition

This was originally written for the site I work for Page2Sports.com but I think it bears repeating on here for the fight fans that visit this site. Please read:

There are only two days left to get the currently remaining 18,316 signatures needed on Diaz’s Whitehouse.gov petition. Whether or not that is proper way to help Diaz is not the point, the point is to bring attention to the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) and the unfair, biased treatment of one of the best competitors in MMA.

Nick Diaz has been suspended for five years for testing positive for marijuana from his bout with Anderson Silva at UFC  183. The fighter has done this before but since his last few tests, laws have changed and there is an allowed limit for the metabolites that come up in a test. When the sentence was handed out, on “UFC Tonight” Michael Bisping pointed out that two WADA accredited labs had showed Diaz tested under the limit. However, the Commission, looking to make an example out of Diaz went with the non-accredited results. Diaz kept remarking to this fact when he was interviewed by various media after the hearing.

To purposely find the worst thing they could use against him shows NSAC was just looking to flex their muscle and were expecting the Nick Diaz used to hype fights from his promos. What they got was a prepared man, who defended himself in the courtroom the way he was advised. For that, he still got the worst possible sentence as if he was being defiant and belligerent.

Diaz has done enough in the sport that he does not have to fight anymore, but he is still ready and willing to do it with no chemical help. Not many fighters can say that these days and prove it; this is something he also stated after his hearing. Diaz needs to fight in MMA and MMA can always use a fighter like Nick Diaz.

Let’s try and get the ban lifted, sign here if you haven’t.

Photo: Dave Mandel/Sherdog.com

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