Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Strain: Quick and Painless recap/review

The action before the credits roll let the audience know this episode was going to be good. Strakian continues to search for the Lumin and Fet is in jail, shortly.

The show is taking a turn from the books that, is probably a good idea to make this thing last for a good run on TV. The way Fet and the police teamed up in this episode is a really pleasant surprise. Eph has assumed another identity and is sporting a new haircut. Just so you know the actor playing him is bald so this is good for him.

Setrakian makes some headway in locating the book that could contain the secret to finishing off the Stigoi for good. Although the people he is using to find it may not be trustworthy.

Fet and the police go on a cleaning mission in Redhook that is reminiscent of the beginning scenes from the original Dawn of the Dead. They make a good dent in the Stigoi population and educate the police on the weaknesses of the Strigoi. Eph has a scene of note when he runs into his old boss and we find out he was in on The Masters plans.

A good episode but no new scenes with The Silver Angel we met last week. Whatever is left this season should be good.

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