Sunday, August 9, 2015

Hannibal S3 number 10 recap/review

The most recent episode of Hannibal was pretty much the middle act of the Red Dragon film. It was familiar and fans of the Hannibal Lecter canon will most likely be familiar with most of it. Bringing the show to the small screen is never without its differences to remix something new to a story a lot of people know.

While there were some moments between Graham and Bedelia, the Dolarhyde story was pretty much the same up until he goes to see the Blake painting.  In the film's he never runs into Graham there but they did that here. Even though the encounter was brief, it was a welcome change in episode that may have been a little too repetitive of an old story.

If the people at NBC saw these and thought it might be too much more of a story that has been told, before they made their decision to end the last season, they should have been more patient.

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