Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Incognito to be a feature film

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Ed Brubaker has written some solid stories for comics and has a love for crime noire. When he writes stories about super powered individuals they tend to keep with his criminal theme. One of his most unique stories is that of Zack Overkill in Incognito.

The story is soon to be a feature film according to Tracking Board, a site that releases news on Hollywood insides scoops. The film is to be directed by Fede Alvarez, best known for his welcome Evil Dead remake/reboot. That film was directed well and helped build a story already created by someone else. Alvarez has a good track record so far in making someone else's work, better.

Incognito takes you through Zack Overkill's transition to a normal life  in the witness protection program. Having once been a super villain he turns over to authorities and is given a fresh start. He is de-powered through medication but when he finds a way around that he seems to be finding himself to be a do gooder vigilante.

The story is good and has the makings of something for the big screen, so this news is welcome new for +The Blogboard Jungle . If  you haven't read it you should along with its sequel, Incognito: Bad Influences.

Evil Dead Fede Alvarez to Direct Sony's Super Hero Pic 'Incognito'| Tracking-Board.com

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