Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Hannibal S3 Episode 9 review/recap

Season 3
Hannibal is one of best looking shows on television. The visuals are so good, even if an episode is telling a story we already know, one can't help but watch.

After last week began the Red Dragon story-line the show is based on the show seems to be running out of steam. If you have watched the original film and its remake as many times as we have, a lot of the lines were familiar. The show is done so well, it doesn't seem that anyone (except NBC) minds. This episode "And the Woman Clothed With the Sun", is the second act of the Red Dragon story-line. Other than the great visuals during crime reconstruction there did not seem to be too much difference from what happens in the film.

Bringing in the Tooth Fairy from Red Dragon is kind of a hint the show is coming to a close. However, they already played the Mason Verger card, which takes place in the Hannibal film so could they be going for something new? Maybe, a new story to let us know where Hannibal is after the films and stories everyone knows. 

This season will be the last so hopefully the show ends well.

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