Monday, August 3, 2015

Hercules (2014) review

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Dwayne Johnson, best known as The Rock has made a lot film since stepping away from the squared circle. Most of his work is good enough to sit through once and this falls in that category. If you were a fan of the older Hercules films with Lou Ferrigno this may be a nice trip down memory lane for you.

This film tends to make more of the legend of Hercules than what he actually is, a Hero with a lot of strength. Johnson seemed to bulk up a little more than normal for this film (as it that's possible). One thing that needs to be said about Johnson's film roles is that he gives 100% to his performances. That probably comes from the world of pro wrestling he was raised in.

Many of the characters are interesting in his band of warriors that help Hercules and add to his legend. The attempt at giving him an inner struggle story about his past was a little weak, but in films like these it does not hurt it much. The action and special effects will more than make up for any holes in the story.

This film may not have been his best or more popular film but a lot of his work goes unnoticed so give Hercules a look. It's on +Netflix and anywhere else on demand and is rated PG-13 for violence.

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