Wednesday, July 29, 2015

AMC's Fear the Walking Dead coming soon

Photo: Justin Lubin/AMC
The Walking Dead on AMC has become the network's biggest success. Even if fans of the books have issues with the way the show went the network is bringing something for them too. Fear the Walking Dead is a spin off show that is original for television so there will be nothing to spoil for anyone. New characters, new location, and it is an outbreak story.

Photo: Justin Lubin/AMC
That's right. Want to know what happened the whole time Rick Grimes was comatose? This show will attempt to fill in a gap not explained in the books or TV show. It will be a fresh look at a genre loved here at +The Blogboard Jungle but is in danger of being played out.

Sneak Peak photos from official site Fear the Walking Dead | AMC

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