Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hannibal on NBC still worth watching

Photo by: Brooke Palmer/NBC
While one could make the argument for the show not being renewed for another season, NBC's Hannibal has had a weak season up until the most recent episodes. Fans of the show, fans of any show will be patient unless the show gets hard to catch over scheduling issues. That is besides the point, Hannibal is going somewhere and fans of show are sticking with him until the end.

Photo by: Brooke Palmer/NBC
This season has been slow up until  recently, bringing in Mason Verger is a good way to save the show's story and fix some plot hiccups from previous seasons. If you remember from the film of the same name, Hannibal (2001), Verger was the antogonist that had a lot of money and a bone to pick with Dr. Lecter. This was touched upon during the last season and in the film, but no details were really given on what the beef between the two actually was. It looks like we get to see it now and that should make for good TV, NBC may have jumped the gun on this one as they did Constantine.  If ratings are their issue, they should do a better job of scheduling these beautifully shot shows.

Although, what the show has turned into seems to be an oddly, out of order remix of the stories already familiar to fans.  If that's the reason for ending the show its understandable, but could have been corrected before deciding to end it.

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