Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mr. Robot's addictive formula

When the show first premiered it came at a good time when a lot of shows are on hiatus. USA has had a lot of winners with that formula and this will definitely be another for the cable network. When +The Blogboard Jungle first mentioned Mr. Robot it was referred to as a mix of Fight Club and Clockwork Orange. You can add American Psycho to that to make for a show a lot of people are watching.

One unique thing about the show is that every episode begins with no opening montage. The episode just starts and music slowly creeps up until the title sequence hits the screen. The main character Elliot always talks to us, the viewing audience.  Something that was present during Fight Club. Episode five even had Elliot accuse us viewers of not being real, just like Tyler Durden wasn't real. We're calling it here, Mr. Robot played by Christian Slater, is probably not real.

Unoriginal? Sure. It still makes for a good story line. If you look at the films mentioned that make the perceived formula of the show its all cult classic stuff. If you remember a lot Stanley Kubrick's work you may notice it the next time the show begins. Elliot's co-worker that wants the CTO position so bad looks like Christian Bale's stand in for American Psycho.

All this stuff, is stuff we loved and would like more of.  So if it looks the same, don't hate. Appreciate it and watch on.

Photos from USA network's official site | Mr.Robot

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