Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Machine (2013) Review

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Fans of Arrow should appreciate this film. It stars Caity Lotz who played Black Canary on the show but in this film she plays the title character in The Machine. The film takes place in a future where there is a cold war with China and scientists are working to make soldiers recyclable.

A little slow to start the film takes its time to establish its main characters and build up to Lotz changing roles in the film. The story is pretty solid and builds up well to some decent action fans of her's from Arrow will appreciate. The effects in the film are very well done and it will make viewers wonder why they have not heard of the film if they are running into it now on +Netflix.

Without ruining anything story related the action sequences in the film are fast paced, violent, and believable considering the story is sci-fi. This film is definitely worth viewing and re-watching if you felt it moved a long too slowly when you know what it all leads to. The Machine is rated 'R' for violence and some brief nudity.

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