Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Google Might Be Making Their Own Uber

From Total Recall
Uber's ride sharing service is pretty popular for its convenience and affordability. It's a nice way to get people where they need to be. People can get a cheap ride, people that like to drive can make money doing what they love all without much fuss than downloading an app.

Supposedly, Google is thinking about getting in on the ride sharing business according to a report from Bloomberg. The difference is that it will use it's self driving cars in which Google is already ahead of the game on. Autonomous vehicles, GPS satellite mapping, drones, I think Sci-Fi has finally become a reality. No wonder people are watching Fantasy genres more...

Are you worried? Having a complete stranger drive you to places including your home is worrisome but customers trust Uber checks the background of their drivers. How do you explain to a robot there's a better way to get someplace? Would you ride a driver-less car? Please comment below.

Exclusive:Google and Uber Are Going To War Over Taxis | Bloomberg

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