Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Interview (2014) Review

From The Interview Movie Official Website

One of the most controversial films to ever be screened is now available on +Netflix . The Interview, starring best friends James Franco and Seth Rogan as an entertainment interview team looking to be taking seriously as real journalists who score an interview with Kim Jong Un.

Rogan and Franco have become synonymous with stoner comedies ever since doing Pineapple Express together. This film with them two will make fans think of the original stoner duo, Cheech and Chong in The Corsican Brothers or any of their earlier films. As one would expect there is plenty of toilet humor and if you should find yourself snowed in by a potential blizzard, it serves its purpose.

As far as being controversial, it really isn't if you have a sense of humor.  By now most people know the controversy was over threats of what would happen if the film was released to theaters. Luckily, we have the Internet and if you did not want to pay a separate charge to watch the film and have a Netflix account it's worth a stream.  It's funny enough to sit through one time, enjoy and stay warm everyone.

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