Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Constantine: 'Blessed Are The Dammed' Recap/Review

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Last Friday's episode of Constantine was a good build up to the mid-season finale and the bigger picture of the show.  Blessed Are The Dammed had Constantine and Zed (yeah she's still there) solve the mystery of a faith healer that isn't a fraud but his healing comes at a cost.

The faith healer was about to die when on his way to the other side he saw an angel.  Somehow he was able to grab a wing from the angel and the possessor of the wing was granted the power to heal.  The downside, it's cost for those healed would be their souls and turned them into soul-less zombies.  The angel that was hurting from having the feather removed needed help. The help would be for evil rather than good as the angel was revealed to be one of the fallen aka a demon.

Constantine and his observer from heaven, the angel he refers to as "Manny" would dispatch the fallen angel and raise concerns about the gap thinning between heaven and hell. The next episode will be the mid-season finale and that will bring the first season to it's first break for the holidays.

The break comes at a good time, it will give people that haven't watch enough to time to play catch up and it looks like the show doesn't need to worry about being cancelled for now.  The producer David S. Goyer  recently commented  on Deadline that:

 "It’s not dead, at all, it’s solidly in contention for a second season of NBC, which is still supporting it."
So we'll have a finale and what looks to be a season 2.

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