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Gracepoint, The Other Broadchurch

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Gracepoint , the Fox version of Broadchurch was finished up lat night.  While it was airing, I decided to rent Broadchurch and watch all of them while I was Gracepoint to compare the two.  I also wanted to see what was different and what stayed the same.  I'll try not to add any spoilers so as not to ruin either version for anyone.

What was different? 

The obvious differences were the accents, actors, and settings.  Story wise everything was the same, Danny Solano (in Gracepoint the family's last name was different) was murdered and his body was found on the beach.  Tennant played the same version of himself minus the Scottish accent, he did good doing the grisliness if an American detective role.

Another difference, probably because of the players but certain characters came off as more creepy in Gracepoint , most notably Susan Wright.  The chain smoking old lady with the dog is way more creepy and disturbing than her Broadchurch counterpart.

The also gave David Tennant's character of Detective Carver a little more depth in Gracepoint , they give him a daughter that actually comes to see him and he has a few exchanges that are very, very small stabs at lightening the mood of a very dark show.

Added to what is the original ending is a twist, people may like and is a good excuse to make another season if they wanted to.  But, if they left it as is, it would not ruin what they made. In other words, if you know the original ending of Broadchurch...there's an additional accomplice that is the actual murderer.

What was the same?

Pretty much everything.  The family set up, the working relationship between Carver and Miller, and Carver's shady past and why he winds up in Gracepoint.  If you watch them side by side, or around the same time like I did you will see the similarities. Even Tennant not driving in either show for whatever reason.  Obviously, they drive on the opposite sides so I'm assuming it was for safety and time reasons he didn't drive in Gracepoint.

Both shows are good and one does not really out do the other.  If I were to give an edge to one it would have to be Gracepoint for the ending and the addition of the 2nd person/ accomplice in the murder.  Broadchurch tells you at the end it will return, whereas Gracepoint leaves the option to stop or continue when it closes.

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