Monday, December 8, 2014

Ben Askren Makes A Solid Point

In an article I wrote about the UFC's recent signing of CM Punk I laid out the list of pro wrestlers switching to MMA.  I asked about the UFC's practices and as time goes on more points to just making money.  While you can't fault anyone for cashing in on a business model one has to wonder if they dishonor a sport made up of a multitude of Martial Arts.

Ben Askren (14-0) was cut free of Bellator as their Welterweight champion and while his style is not the most entertaining to watch, he has earned his titles.  He fought through and won the Welterweight tournament to win the title, then when he left the promotion he fought and won the One FC Welterweight title.

He did try for the UFC and they just were not interested. While he is finding success with One FC the signing of CM Punk is a bit of a slap in the face to Askren and he let that be known the night of the announcement on twitter.

CM Punk aka Phil Brooks has a genuine love for the sport and if it calls him to compete he should not be faulted too much for following a dream.  However, jumping in the big show with an 0-0 record is a little insulting on the UFC's part for those that came through the amateur circuits and took years to get there.  We'll see how he does in 2015 but having friends in high places certainly seems to help all year round.

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