Sunday, November 23, 2014

Pushbullet app

From Pushbullet blog.

I don't normally do app reviews but, when I do it's because they're awesome.  I first downloaded Pushbullet simply for the screen mirroring feature.  It's nice to know when you really need to pick up your phone or if it can wait especially if you're working on something.  Since, they have added so much more I have to give credit where credit is due.

With the browser extension you can respond to and send text messages.  That helps when you're working on something you really can't pull away from.  A pop-up comes up and lets you communicate that way without stopping to pick up your phone.

Another nice feature is the actual "pushes".  You can push notes, links, image files and anything else you need to see later or on another device with the extension and app.  If you're looking at a site not displaying properly on your phone, simply push it to the browser associated with the profile.  The pushes go both ways and they save on the app. So, if you have to go back to them later you can.

They also have channels for various websites, so you can get push notifications on your connected devices for things that interest you.  One has been made for this site and you can use the button on the page to subscribe.  

The most recent update is Cross-device copy and paste, granted you could copy stuff into a note and push that but they were nice enough to remove that step for you.  I'm loving this app and it looks like they're only making it better.  You can download it for android or iPhone from their site or the app stores.

Photo from Pushbullet Blog

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