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Metamoris 5 Results

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With the increasing number of  retired MMA fighters competing in the submission only grappling tournament known as Metamoris.  The events are drawing more talent from active MMA competitors of various promotions.  It is easy to know how they would do in their respective sport but, what happens when they step out of their comfort zone?  Here are the results from Metamoris 5:

Zak Maxwell vs Garry Tonon

This was the first match of the evening and was no gi.  Both competitors were pretty aggressive going for a finish but Tonon would attempt several heel hooks and eventually finish Maxwell about half way through.  Maxwell, intelligently tapped to a heel hook.  Result: Winner Tonon

Vinny Magalhaes vs Matheus Diniz

Diniz was an alternate for Magalhaes but there was a 10,000 dollar reward for Diniz if he could finish Magalhaes.  He was definitely trying because he was more active for the bulk of the match. Most the time spent standing he went for more take-down attempts until Magalhaes finally jumped guard at the ten minute mark.  Magalhaes would try a few submissions from closed guard but would not find success.  Result: Draw 

Keenan Cornelius vs Yuri Simoes

These two have faced each other before so they were both going for it (the submission).  Non-stop for near the full 20 minutes, Simoes came close early to finishing a knee bar on Cornelius but the lanky competitor was actually able to reach his own calf and prevent the submission.  Once Cornelius got a hold of the gi and was able to play his guard he would attempt several submissions with no success.  Very exciting match but no finish. Result: Draw

Secret Match: Jake Shield vs Roberto Satoshi

The secret match idea started in Metamoris 4 and featured the commentator of the event, Jeff Glover and Barret Yoshida.  The matches are secret, even to the competitors only knowing they need to be ready to compete, but with no clue as to whom their opponent will be.  This secret match featured Jake Shields against Roberto Satoshi and it was very fast paced.  They were both after each other a lot, Satoshi got the first take-down but that did not stop Shields from dominating positionally.  It was back and forth most of the time but other than Shields being on top most the time, the time would run out.  Result: Draw

Rory MacDonald vs Jonathan Torres

Rory MacDonald, staying active as he awaits his next bout in the UFC came to Metamoris to win.  However, that is easier said than done against his opponent Jonathan “JT” Torres.  The high level Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor gave up near 20 pounds to MacDonald but that would not matter to Torres.  He was attacking more consistently than MacDonald who almost gave up and arm-lock during the bout.  Still, with both attempting to finish, no one would when time ran out. Result: Draw

Kazushi Sakuraba vs Renzo Gracie

These two legends waited 14 years to face each other again, both older and ready for whatever the other brought.  The two masters would spend a lot of time feeling each other out.  Sakuraba goes for some take-downs but doesn’t find it early when they do get to the ground a lot of time is spent in Gracie s guard.  His pass would work against him and give Gracie the upper hand they spend a good amount of time in north south position.  Gracie would try to capitalize and attack but Sakuraba would defend until time runs out.  Result: Draw

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