Monday, November 24, 2014

Constantine Episode 5

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Pappa midnight returned in this episode.  Performing what he thought was the good deed of putting people in touch with lost loved ones. He would soon find out otherwise.

The dead are rising to haunt the realm of the living in last Friday's Constantine.  When John comes to Poppa Midnight territory to let him know his magic isn't working the way it should.  They have to work together to resolve the issue and soon uncover there is more danger to come.  Midnight warns John that someone may not be what they seem and he would soon be betrayed.  Could he be referring to Zed?

I hope so, she's really not that interesting.  The show could stand alone with John and Chas handling the monster of the week.  If she turns out to be bad that would be good. If the show fails it could be because of her weird performances.  We'll see how it goes, it's only 6 episodes in and they have already halted production at 13.  Maybe they'll re-think things and drop that character.

Constantine to Stop Production After 13 Episodes, Remains In Contention At NBC | from

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