Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Strain Book Review.

    The series begins on FX July 13th but a lot of people have already gotten through the first book of the upcoming series The Strain.  After reading it myself, I can tell you we can expect a lot of gore in the vampire transformation department.  If you're someone that thinks the vampire genre is a little tired, or it's not your favorite genre this is still worth a look.

From paper to the small screen.

The book may seems a little slow going at first, but remember it's part of a three book series so it's nice to get all the character introduction out of the way early.  The way it is written with its series of flashbacks and the situations that befall each character in the book, you'll have no trouble visualizing the details, especially if you have been to New York City.  It flows like a good TV series so it is no wonder that it has become one.  I know it can be hard to swallow a story that moves from one medium to another, especially if you are big fan of the source material.  I have heard it called "Nerd Rage" or being a "fan-boy", but I think with the way this was done it was probably with the idea of becoming a series made for television.

We'll know soon enough, The Strain premiers this weekend on FX.  After finishing the book, I can tell you there are no glitter laden vampires, no one is falling in love, this is a story about a very old war and the survival of mankind.

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