Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Contracted (2013) Review

     I caught this film on Netflix, it's an IFC release from last November so this isn't too late like the Better Late Than Never reviews that come up, well ... late, on this site.  Contracted is a pretty disgusting film, if you like gore you'll probably like this one as there are a lot of scenes in bathrooms that are gruesome enough to mess with that part of your head that makes you say "Yuck". Some spoilers may follow, so if you plan on seeing it you might want to stop reading now.

Poor girl...
I have to say I like that this is the first horror movie in my opinion disguised as a PSA for family planning, and being aware of your surroundings if you're a young lady who goes to parties like the one in this film.  The young lady, Samantha played by Najarra Townsend is a sexually confused girl who gets taken advantage of by a guy at the party in the film.  The guy whose face you never really see, seems to have a bit of necrophilia before he takes advantage of poor Samantha infects her when he takes advantage of her.  Before all this happens we're shown Samantha is in the midst of a troubled, same sex relationship and she seems to want to be back in her partners favor but for some reason can't win her over.  For the record, her partner isn't all that nice either, it's a weird circle of friends in the film.

The film tends to drag in some parts but the performance of Townsend is really well done and she is pretty easy on the eyes before her infection runs its full course.  What Contracted did that kept me interested was catalog some one's slow turn into a zombie.  In most zombie films we see someone get bit, they act sick for a while pass out off screen to surprise the main characters later when they turn.  We never see what they go through so this film does that pretty well and is worth sitting through.  I may be a little biased in writing this because I have to say I have always been a fan of the zombie genre (before it was a thing), so I tend to sit through them till the end.

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