Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Night Zero the premiere episode of The Strain

    The Strain premiered this past Sunday night on FX and the premiere let fans know the FX series is not going to skimp on the gore that is present in the book.  Also, if you thought the book one was a little slow to start, you won't have to worry about that in the TV series.

Fans of original content in one medium can be very happy or disappointed when their stories switch gears to a new medium to reach a larger audience.  So far, The Strain seems to fix the slow to start from the book with keeping new fans attention on the small screen.  While there are some differences from the book, it should be understood that things need to be changed to squeeze in enough story to a 55 minute weekly TV series. 

The book is pretty descriptive in it's gore for certain things that happen to hosts during transformation to a vampiric parasitic zombie and coming to TV a horror fab could be concerned about losing this.  No need to worry, a scene where The Master feeds then smashes the head of his victim will put your concerns at ease.  So far so good with episode one, the changes from the book are only small additions to speed things up and with not much horror to find this time of year we should not mind.

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