Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"The Box" Episode 2 of The Strain

     Just when I thought the pace was moving along quite nicely in comparison to the book the second episode of FX's The Strain went and slowed things down a bit.  I suppose that's okay so long as they don't harp too much on Eph and his person life because if we wanted to know about that, it would be on lifetime.

Some spoilers ahead, after a premiere that let audiences know this show was not going to go light on the gore and horror.  They kind of hit the breaks on the second episode and started to go the pace of the the book, which is probably my only gripe with the book, the slow start and character introduction.  I do understand it helps build the relationships and gives meaning to things that will happen later but maybe it's because I took such a long break from fun reading because of school I wanted to get right to the horror.  Either way, after seeing The Master, and meeting our hero Eph we kind of got back to the ho hum everyday life problems he deals with.  We see some more about our villains in the story and get some history when Satrakian gets a nice little visit from one of his old foes.  While it may seem slow going this is still better than the flashback sequences from the book and I think over all it will benefit the show.  Eph's scenes with his AA group I don't think even happen in the book but if people weren't clear on the milk drinking from episode one maybe having that will clear up why he goes to milk now.

Slow going as it was we still got a taste of some horror and how the transformation is effecting the missing passengers from the plane that seem to be making their way home.  The little girl aside, Ms. Luss the lawyer and Bolivar, the shock rock guy we can already see where they are going to wind up, or more to the point, how they are going to wind up.  If you found the episode boring, give it time.  We met a character too that will prove plenty interesting, Vasily Fet, the exterminator that seemed to have a Bat-Cave of extermination equipment should not disappoint for episodes to come.

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