Friday, February 7, 2014

The Worlds End (2013) so good I had to pick it up.

     With streaming video so easily accessible I decided to cut down on clutter and stop buying movies.  It's definitely a guy thing to build your own video vault of your favorite movies so you don't have to worry about what to watch when there are people over.  Or, if like me you or someone else makes a reference to a great film you like to have it handy so they can see why it's so great if they don't get the reference.

I haven't bought a movie in a long time, since 2009 if I had to think about it.  So, to see a film that makes you think it's so great you break that trend and not only get a copy, but get it on all formats of DVD, Blu-ray, and digital download is because it's pretty freaking awesome.  The Worlds End is not only an exciting, funny, film but among my friends and I it was a truly relate-able film.  It follows Gary King and his friends on one last trip down memory lane in their home town of Newton Haven, the trip consists of a pub crawl and the final destination is a pub that the film is titled for.  King is played by Simon Pegg and since this is an Edgar Wright film they complete their trilogy with Nick Frost as King's long time friend Andy Knightly.  Included in the cast is Martin Freeman who plays a friend with the nick name "Omen" (pronounced O-man) because of a unique birth mark he has.  They all get together to complete their pub crawl known as "The Golden Mile", and the unique names of the pubs will make you wish they were all in your town, minus the alien robotic invasion.

The Sci-fi element and action make this film great but the underlying story of moving on is there too and they do a good job of delivering it with the mix of action and comedy.  If you are a fan of Wright, Pegg, and Frost's work there are Easter eggs galore in the film as well as plenty of running gags.  This film is available on home video now and is rated 'R' for the language I guess.

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