Tuesday, February 4, 2014

CM Punk to try out MMA? It's possible...

     He would not be the first to make the transition to the sport.  Ron Waterman is my earliest memory of a pro wrestler making the move to the sport of competitive Martial Arts.  Kazushi Sakuraba actually still does both in Japan, Bobby Lashley, and the most obvious people will know is Brock Lesnar.  They are not unfamiliar to pain,  the crowded arenas and being in the spot light so hearing about anyone else from the Pro Wrestling world is probably legit.  There is always the possibility that it is part of some story line from the Pro Wrestling world but I wold never doubt they would at least try the sport out.  There has even been dudes that were luchadores and went as far as competing in MMA with their mask on like Dos Caras did in Pride FC's Bushido event.

If you're a fan of both you would notice over at TNA on Spike TV "King "Mo Lawal and Quinton Rampage Jackson have made appearances on the wrestling shows and are both active fighters over at Bellator MMA.  I'll have the pleasure of seeing them both fight soon and will write about it here once I recover from fan boy overload but I digress.

TMZ also reported that he quit the job he is known for because he was unhappy there and it also helps when you have a member from the family that thought up the idea of the sport back you up as Rener Gracie does in the video below.

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