Friday, January 31, 2014

Honest trailer for Robocop is awesome.

     Remakes can be both good and bad depending on your view and some can be a good supplements to an original film.  The best case in my opinion to the latter is what was done with Evil Dead (2013) and Dawn of the Dead (2004), those you don't mind too much as they worked with what already existed and used modern effects to modernize the story.  I think the reason those remakes were easier to swallow was because they maintained the rating the original films did so that makes an old school fan like myself want to see these remakes.

That isn't the case with the new Robocop (2014) as Screen Junkies honest trailer points out that the remake of a movie that originally had an NC-17 rating and got watered down to an R rating is now PG-13.  I have to admit I may not bother with it, but my curiosity will most likely get the best of me.  If you haven't seen the original, you should but if you want some funny footnotes on it check out their Honest Trailer below.

Anybody else on the fence about the new one?  Please comment below...

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