Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Walking Dead mid-season finale where some fans divide.

   As a fan of horror and zombies in particular, it may seem odd that I never write anything about The Walking Dead on AMC.  I'm a very big fan of the books, when I took a break from comics it was Image comics free on line issue of The Walking Dead #1 that brought me back to the hobby.  Back then, there was a lot of buzz about it being a TV show but it was only talk at the time.  When I heard AMC was picking it up I was super excited and started talking it up to people because I wanted it to be as popular as it is but after a few changes in creative with the show something went wrong, (other than Andrea) and I lost interest.

No one else did, and if you dare speak ill of the show then thicken your skin because when things are pointed out people can get very offended.  I read a Buzzfeed article that mentioned a lot that I thought was true in regards to the show dragging, making cool characters in the book very dumb on the show, and some other points of how the characters seem to contradict there own words in the show.  I wouldn't tell people to stop watching it but I happened to agree with the negative points about the show.  The comments that followed were not only angry but very unforgiving for something that fans; in comparison to Kirkman fans that have followed him since he wrote some stuff for Marvel don't even get that upset (I'm one of them).  I heard someone refer to that type of anger as "nerd rage" and "fanboyism" in something regarding the console wars after I suggested being patient.  That stuff is uncalled for and I can't believe how angry people can get over a piece of fiction.  I am guilty too, not for this show but for other things like what has happened with Spider-Man and anything Michael Bay ruins.

From the cover of Vol. 18...(waaay past where the show is)

I guess it bothered me to read so many angry comments to someone pointing out things I tended to agree with.  But like they say, "to each, his own" and everyone is entitled to their opinion.  For the record, I and a fan boy of the books and I do have bouts of nerd rage on things I don't agree with when it comes to the show.  Not everyone thinks it's the best show on TV, myself included but the books will always be better than the show in my opinion.  That's why I don't put up much about it here, too many people have jumped on the TV band wagon to convince them of anything else and they're entitled to that.  I've learned to tune in to the show during the last 20 minuted of it, it seems everything "buzz worthy" happens during that time.  If you still take yourself too seriously, this Bad Lip Reading of the show might help.

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