Monday, December 9, 2013

Out of the Furnace (2013) Review

     Apparently there is a clubhouse where very good actors meet up and plan to star in movies together.  I'm not sure but based on the cast of Out of the Furnace, this club must consist of Christian Bale, Woody Harrelson, Casey Affleck , Forrest Whittaker, Willem Defoe, and Sam Sheppard.  Yes...They are all in this movie. 

The film takes place in Braddock,  Pennsylvania which I hope is a fictional town because it seemed an awful lot like Detroit.  Old school American ethics seem to take place in the town where you either work at "the mill" or join the military.  Casey Affleck and Christian Bale play two close brothers that go through a lot throughout the course of the movie and they play their roles really well. Bale plays Russel Baze who goes the route of working in the local steel mill, while Affleck plays Rodney Baze Jr.  and has bigger plans for himself. He joins the military and while they really don't touch on certain time that passes in the film we that both brothers chosen paths do  not go as according to plan as they would like.  If there is a "bad guy" in this film it's Woody Harrelson, he plays Harlan De Groat and he may as well be playing a villain on Justified.  He's just as bad as any of the characters from that show and dresses just as dirty.  His outfit of drugs and underground bare knuckle fights are supposed to operate out of Ramapo in New Jersey.  Being a New Jersey native I can say I have yet to encounter characters such as De Groat and his crew but I can't say that they don't exist.  Either way, Harrelson has come a long way from playing Woody Boyd from Cheers and is yet another great performance in this movie. 

Like I said, these guys got together and said lets make a movie together to show everyone who the new awesome actors are and Out of the Furnace is the result.  It's rare when so many good actors get together and do something that is not a big blockbuster film, this film was made for the actors to flex their acting and they all do it great.

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