Friday, October 11, 2013

Favorite Genres of Horror

     This October I have been trying to watch one horror film every night since the 1st of the month.  Myself and plenty of other horror fans consider October a special time of year and make an extra effort to seek out new horror to add to our list of favorite horror films.  In searching through my collection I noticed a trend in genre, I like dead things.

Jason is kind of a zombie, a bad ass one.
  Zombies and anything that brings about zombie-like behavior are my go to films.  It can be a curse from an old cursed book like the Evil Dead films or your standard unexplained out break like Romero's  Living Dead films.  The other thing I noticed was, there are genres I just don't care for.  I own slasher films, lots of zombie stuff, a few werewolf films along with other monster movies, but no vampires.  I realized, I don't like the genre of vampires with the only exception being The Lost Boys and Blade I know people will argue the vampires are zombies since they both feed off the living and in some stories a bite from one can make a person a vampire.  I just don't like their whole deal, they're always trying to be kings of areas and falling in love and all kinds of sissified nonsense I'd rather not bring up.  They've gotten worse over the years and the Twilight films are the best example, I've never seen them but the marketing images are enough for me to know I'm not wrong.

So, which genres do you prefer, avoid, or hate all together?  Should I give vampires chance?  Please share your comments below and let us know what is your "go to" horror genre.

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