Thursday, October 10, 2013

Better Late Than Never Review: Evil Dead (2013)

     This film brought up here before when it was in theaters dished up a whole post about remakes in general.  Some can be good, some can be bad, and some can stand on their own as independent of its original without taking anything away from it.  This film fits that bill while planting just enough subtle Easter eggs to the original to keep fans of it happy...or are they Easter eggs at all?
This girl spends the whole film...filthy!!!  I have no idea what she really looks like.

There's no Ash in the actual movie, so don't go expecting to see him pop up during the story, remember this is a remake (maybe) of the original before Ash was a groovy household name in horror. You will see the infamous Oldsmobile Delta 88 near the cabin if you've been a fan of all the Evil Dead films. There is however a pretty decent story that wasn't really present in the original to set up the evil dead to possess those that visit the cabin.  Mia, the young lady pictured above is an addict, trying to kick and her friends drag her to a cabin in the woods to do it, her brother joins in trying to help her and that sets up the story of why they are there in the first place, the acting is good for a horror movie.  You always get curious people in horror films and why you would read anything aloud from a book that looks like it came from hell is beyond me, but that happens and makes for a good horror story in this re-telling of Raimi's classic. There's plenty of exaggerated gore and the scares do come with the subtle comedy that was present in all the Evil Dead films before this reboot or whatever it is.  Most of you have most likely already seen this but it is something I would watch again.

Remakes don't always suck, this particular film if it is another story in the universe of Evil Dead it's a welcome one, if it is just another remake than it is good enough to stand on its own.  I can't say I prefer one over the other but that is not the point of these films.  With innovations in special effects and the technology to apply them we can expect to see more remakes of horror and sci-fi films.  So long as they don't mess them up and do a good job, like the people involved in this one did I look forward to them.  It also helps when the originators produce the remake of their own work, watch this one and be sure to watch the post credits seal of approval.

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