Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Freddy VS. Jason

     In watching as much horror as I can this month I ran across Freddy VS. Jason on the SyFy network this past weekend, and I remember when I saw it in the theater since it was a big deal when it came out.  When Jason Goes to Hell came out the only good thing about that movie was the end, when Freddy;s hand snatched Jason's mask into hell, that movie had to be made, and it was. As much as I liked parts of it, something felt unfinished about it to me.

All these movie maniacs never die.
The story was decent enough to make sense so I won't drag out it here, what bothered me the most is when Freddy gets pulled into the "real world" from the "dream world", which always meant he was done for in his own franchise did not seem to hold true in this film.  Freddy puts a decent whoopin' on Jason in the dream world, but why then does he suddenly know martial arts moves when he and Jason throw down in the real world.  I firmly believe it should have been a one way ass whoopin' once Jason got a hold of him in the real world. They have their fight that seems mostly even but it seemed to me Jason was the victor but then when carrying Freddy's head his eyes open as if to tell the audience ,"to be continued".  There were rumors of a sequel, and maybe a Freddy VS. Jason VS. Ash that might have been made but they'll have to be left for the comic books.

This film wasn't a let down, but as I said before, these were things that bother me and after recently watching the Evil Dead remake/reboot, I got nostalgic for more iconic horror and this is the month to get into it if you're looking.  How did this film sit with you? Please comment below...

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