Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"Rabid Dog"- Breaking Bad final episode recap/review **SPOILERS**

     Breaking Bad keeps from being predictable once again when they bring us back to Walt rushing home to stop Jesse's rampage only to find he's just not there anymore.  This episode was very Tarantino-esque in that they explain what stopped Jesse's rampage later in the episode with a flashback to fill in the blanks. 

The scene with Marie talking to her therapist was a little long but helps explain her non reaction to Hank having Jesse in his house to be his key evidence in bringing down the Heisenberg train.  This happens while Walt makes up some sorry story about a gas pump malfunction and relocating his family to a hotel to protect them from Jesse.  The funny thing about this episode is that Walter's untruths have become readable, even as the audience watches we can tell everyone he's talking to knows he's lying to them.  Pretty much any long winded crazy story Walter tells, while trying to do something around the house and seem innocent...it's a lie.  Once at the hotel Skyler calls him on his lie and gets the truth, and her recommendation for dealing with Jesse is the same as Saul's minus the funny segways like Belize and relating Jesse to Old Yeller. However, hearing it from his wife makes him think about it while Saul got a warning about not floating the idea again.  Hank's plan that suddenly involved his partner "Gomi"(Gomez) to have Jesse record his facts and try to get Walter on a wire with his make up meeting with Jesse seems to have no real end game.  Walter seems to generally want to have Jesse's understanding and forgiveness fails in his attempt to do so since Jesse has had it with his head games.  Interestingly enough, the menacing would be hit man Jesse mistakes for Walt's henchman at their plaza meet turns out to be a guy waiting for his kid.  Jesse calls Walt and tells him, in not so many words that he's coming for him no matter what.  When Hank picks Jesse up yelling at him about ruining the wire plan Jesse tells him "there's a better way".  Since, understanding and forgiveness are off the table for Walt now it seems there's a better way for him too that involves Todd's uncle, leaving us thinking Jesse may be going to Belize after all.

This episode's tee.

If any episode was sort of a filler for me it would have to have been this one so far.  Nothing too crazy happened, there was some intense moments in Walt's home regarding Jesse and the burn job he almost did, but other than that it wasn't too "edge of your seat" TV.  That's fine, since we're pretty much on edge already for one the best shows on TV coming to a close and with a potential hit on Jesse being contracted this coming Sundays episode may be the one that makes up for any lack of intensity.

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