Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What should you do while you wait for new systems?

     Next gen console rumors, news, wars and what have you mean nothing...if you only just got a current gen console last spring.  So while you choose to wait out the release dates, games lists, and over all winner of the next gen console dilemma you have plenty of current generation games you can play on the cheap (mostly) while you're biding your time.  If you just got a PS3, IGN just released their list of the top 25 games for that console here.  There's also a new blurb for the Xbox One here from Engadget, and it's being able to support 8 controllers (cuz Xbox Live doesn't hold enough players?)

Patient or anxious?

If you're on the fence about what to get it may not be a bad idea to wait, this is part of a rant that was posted when the next gen consoles were announced and not a bad plan if you want to wait it out.  Also a lot of games that you may not have been able to get on release are probably pretty cheap and may get cheaper around the holiday shopping season.  You can practice some penny pinching by not bothering with the pre-order dilemma with games and consoles while the dust settles.  By then you'll know who has what games, what chip and processor that isn't a fire hazard who can play what where and lend to whom.

By no means am I fan boy of PS3, Xbox, or Nintendo as I only just got the PS3 a few months ago.  I am however, a fan of games and saving some money playing them.  I had a long conversation over the Labor Day weekend with a parent and the stress over getting a next generation console, the conversation closed with the agreement that patience is the best practice. 

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