Sunday, September 1, 2013

Collectors and Hobbyists: They don't make them like this anymore...

    Toys get more awesome as we get older, I for one have looked at many kids toys as an adult and said, "I wish they had that when I was kid".  Some things aren't as cool as when we were kids though, antique toy collectors would agree.  My girlfriend came across some pretty remarkable stuff from her childhood and as awesome as it is it's taking up space.  The attention to detail on American Girl Dolls is pretty awesome and provoked me to write this, while I was never into dolls ( I had action figures) I have to say the detail put into accessories so small are impressive.
frames are real, with real lenses to better help her creepy eyes

lunch bags and report cards

Look at this detail, pretty awesome

We all grow up and have to make space for our new toys, but that doesn't mean we cannot pass on the craftsmanship and awesomeness of these things to other kids.  You can pick up and view more images of some of these accessories here, but the detail in these things makes me think they should be kept around.  there is difference between collecting and hording but the line is thin.  When stuff gets in the way I suppose that's when it hording.

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