Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"Confessions"- Breaking Bad final episode recap.**EVIL-SPOILERS**

     If any episode of Breaking Bad made you think Walter White has become a despicable man, it was this past Sundays episode.  Aside from previous seasons, where he's poisoned children, let co-workers girlfriends pass away in their own vomit, and EVERYTHING he does to Jesse.  This weekend, he lied to his handicapped son, threatened to frame his brother in law, and STILL manages to hurt Jesse...again.  The only difference this time, is that Jesse called him on it and knows about some of the things he's been lied to about by Walter.

Wore this shirt watching "cofessions", pretty fitting for this episode.

Jess gives nothing to Hank in the interrogation room we were left off in last Sunday, other than an "eat me" to Hank when he tried the nice cop approach.  Hard for him to swallow since last time Hank spoke to him it was with his fists.  Saul tosses him out with an awesome Rocky movie reference that makes me laugh as I type this.  Once he's saved from the interrogation that was brought on by his money deliveries, its time for another cool shot of Walt, Jesse, and Saul in the desert to meet about how they're going to handle Hank knowing the Heisenberg connection.  In this scene, Jesse call Walt on his fake father figuring and asks him to be honest for once, he hugs him...like rubbing it in his face that he in fact will not come clean ever!

Jesse accepts the idea of making a better life elsewhere that proposed, even if it is to save his own ass. Some how, on the way to meet his ride and new identity Jesse and a pack of cigarettes go on rampage as he discovers the Ricin smokes were lifted from his pocket and could possibly have made Brock, his girlfriends son sick.  Jesse goes on Rampage and beats a semi confession out of Saul, steals his car and heads to Walts house to lay waste to the liar's land.

Jesse is technically just some guy Walt knows from his shady business, but playing on your handicapped sons sympathy and using his emotions to keep him from going to his in laws place was pretty low.  He could be doing it to protect his son from all the Heisenberg fallout, but that whole scene was just low.  Making him feel sorry for him by bringing up his cancer to keep him away from a place he would probably be safe.  Until he decides to frame Hank anyway, which the way it was done seems like he planned it from the moment he got diagnosed with cancer.

There's a lot of mention of Walter and him being the Devil, it was said when Hank came out of the bathroom when these final episodes started, and we hear Jesse call him the same in the peeks at  next weeks episodes.  This past episode may make you agree, he is pretty freaking bad. 

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