Monday, August 12, 2013

"Have an A-1 Day". Breaking Bad's ,'Blood Money' episode re-cap SPOILER WARNING

   The episode picks up another flash forward that shows us the White residence completely destroyed and abandoned and a very hobo looking Walter White.   Cut to Hank and his number two, nothing is more disturbing than getting bad news while on the ivory throne.  When Breaking Bad left us last summer Hank's family visit with the Whites was rudely interrupted when he found evidence linking Walter White to Gale Boetticher's "W.W" from the case file.   Nothing could make the turtle go back in its shell like finding out your brother in law is meth kingpin of the ABQ.

Mid-loaf jokes aside, last nights episode put us right where we left off and had Hank making a quick exit from the White residence after it all came together while his  lunch was coming apart (thats the last one).  After a pretty bad panic attack, Hank pulls it together and gets cracking on linking all evidence to Walter White being Heisenberg.  The shows character evolution is awesome, if you remember Hank from season one, he came off as an inept, crude, paycheck collecting lazy cop.  Here we are at the end and he's not only been promoted in his own department at the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), but he also has become a pretty awesome detective that would make Sherlock Holmes and Batman proud.  Walter spends a good part of this episode trying to act like his big pile of money, family, and return of cancer has made him go straight.  He tries to play the father to Jesse who is still suffering from all the bad that has been done and trying to atone for his sins by tossing money out in the street like its a paper route. Before he gets generous though there's a scene with him and Walter discussing using the money to stay on the straight and narrow and not focus on the "darkness behind them." The darkness behind us is our shadows and yours will always follow you Heisenberg, Jesse knows this so he lashes out by tossing fat stacks in poor neighborhoods hoping it will save his soul. 

No escaping the darkness for these two.

Hank is in full detective mode not even going to work, because he's been hard on Heisenbergs trail, when Walt figures out Hank has the Walt Whitman book that was a gift from the deceased Gale and the "W.W" inscription, he decides to do some detective work of his own and finds the GPS tracker they used on Gustavo Fring.  They have a pretty cool confrontation in Hank's Schraderbrau garage that is now his Heisenberg Take Down command center.  Cranston does a pretty good Jekyll and Hyde here, begging Hank to let him just work and live through his cancer and be with his family.  Hank, stays true to his badge and wants him done in since he's been chasing him for a while.  Then, we see Walt pull out his Hyde, in his case Heisenberg and warns Hank to tread lightly.  We get left off there...

This show always delivers on some crazy, intense story building with the flash forwards and endings to episodes that make you think the next thing that happens will be something out of a John Woo film.  The story telling makes this show as addictive as the crystal blue Heisenberg peddles and always leaves you wanting more.  Walter White is so unpredictable he carries no weapons because his genius is his weapon, and Hank Schrader has become the John Mclane of this show with his near death experiences and still able to come back full force and threaten the likes of the Cartels, Fring and now Walter White.  We wrote before about concerns of this ending in a way fans might not like but last nights episode let us know this show should be safe from disappointment.

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