Thursday, August 15, 2013

Breaking Bad ending spoiled? Not really...

     Film noire, or any dark story telling genre is not known for happy endings, so TMZ reporting on Aaron Paul spoiling the ending for everyone should no deter the fans from seeing how it ends.  The characters are bad people, doing bad things and anyone that thinks Walter White or Jesse Pinkman will be riding off into the sunset together have to remember.  These guys are drug dealers and manufacturers, they make and sell a product that has negative effects on peoples lives and those around them.
some stuff is too good to spoil.

Fanboys of the show, (like myself) will still want to see how they die, if that is the case.  Although the laugh at the end of the clip by Paul can indicate that he was just having a laugh since he was being bothered by Paparazzo.  If anyone thinks the ending will be happy they may have some morality issues.  Enough eater egg foreshadowing is floating around the web to hint at what the video from TMZ is saying, like this piece from Buzzfeed.  It hasn't hurt the ratings any, so...we'll see you on Sunday Mr. White.

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