Friday, August 9, 2013

8/11/13 Breaking Bad Weekend. Prepare for the end.

     Our favorite cook Walter White begins his goodbyes this weekend, the final episodes of the final season from one of the better shows that have been on TV in a long time.  How do we prepare for our supply of blue to end?  It's one of those things fans don't want to happen but we do want to see what happens, so to help soften the blow of the end, here are some suggestions:

Netflix:  For those who are getting into it because of the buzz surrounding the final season, you may want to catch up.  Netflix has all the episodes leading up to the final ones so while we who are caught up wait every week to see the closing chapters of Walt's fate, you can fill in the blanks during this transition period.  AMC will also be airing the episodes this weekend leading up to the final episodes.

Memorabilia:  Hardcore fans, probably have some of this stuff.  Stuff like, blue rock candy, licensed T-shirts (that I will be wearing every Sunday), and even action figures!!! 

...and I have the DVD's

AMC's web site :  The networks show dedicated web site has all news, downloads, contests, and probably links to the other recommendations there so it's probably our best bet for all things Breaking Bad. If you don't feel like watching the episodes they have a nice comic book way to catch up with their web comic.

Viewing Parties:  If you don't mind being disturbed while watching, ( I'd have to watch it alone first) having people over for a viewing party with show themed snacks and drinks is great way to get your mind off of the fact this awesome show is ending.

These are some small suggestions to help you get through the soon to be withdrawal symptoms that we'll have when the show is over.  All good (or bad) things have to come to an end, lets have some with its ending.  There is concern over how it will end, but this show has yet to let us down, and the title suggests nothing good for Walt and Jesse.  Any other ideas? please comment below.

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