Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"Buried", Breaking Bad final episode recap. (There be spoilers here!)

     "Am I under arrest!?" There's a way to get out of an awkward conversation with your DEA brother in law if you ever saw one.  The great thing about Breaking Bad is that they do not do predictability in that  show.  The title alone, "Buried" would lead one to believe that someone dies, and while people do die it's not anyone really major to name an episode after this last one.

None of the above have been buried...yet.

'Buried' picks up where we were left last week after the Hank and Walter's confrontation with  Walter leaving Hank in his garage after his "Tread lightly" threat.  The persona switch between Heisenberg and Walter white can be comedic at times, watching Walter frantically try and get in touch with his wife and move his mega stacks of cash was comedic yet anxiety driven that it crosses over to the audience.  His quick meeting with "Better Call Saul", was also a good scene that Odenkirk found a way to insert his unique comedy by suggesting Walter send Hank to Belize, the same place he sent Mike. ( it was subliminal for killing him, since Mike is dead)

Meanwhile, Hank and Skyler are meeting at a diner to discuss how best Sklyer can help bring down the Meth Kingpin of New Mexico.  She ends the conversation in the best way possible by screaming, "Am I under arrest!?" and running away making a crazy spectacle in the diner.  She has another pretty stressful scene, with her sister and the baby that should be watched.  The acting is pretty good in it and the chaotic feeling of no knowing how anyone will react is pretty well written and performed there.

The title shows that Walt, has chosen to bury his fat stacks of cash in the desert and hide them with map coordinates that only can be deciphered by Walt himself since he hid them very cleverly on a lottery ticket as the numbers being played.  It's pretty much his own personal power ball ticket, unless he loses it but even still one would have to know what the numbers mean.  Walt is pretty smart in a pinch that is for sure.

Annoying Lydia is still in the meth business and in trying to eliminate competition and acquire control of the market she kills Walt's last contact, the guy he made say his name.  She can order their deaths but she can't stomach the violence in front of her so she exits the murder scene with her eye's closed in the desert.  By the way, her guide and her killers are Todd and his Aryan Brotherhood uncle.  She makes me wonder if the M60 in the flash forward is meant for these men since she wants something she can't have, she may try to take it by force.  That something being Walter White and his cook purity, and crazy Todd and his uncle being the force she uses since she did that in this episode. Or, it could be for a wave of DEA agents since Jesse was left at the end of the episode alone in an interrogation room with Hank.  What do you think?  Please respond in comments below...

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