Thursday, August 8, 2013

All is well that ends well, when great shows end.

If the ending is good, we will.
   Our weekly escapes, or weekend escapes if you binge watch shows on +Netflix can run on too long or end in a bitter sweet fashion, on August 11th, AMC will air the final episodes of Breaking Bad to close out the series.  Every season of this show has gotten better, longer, and way more intense than anything I have ever followed on television and as much as I worry about how it will end, I worry more about whether or not it will suck.

Breaking Bad is the only show that has never disappointed me with any episode but shows that I did follow to the same degree had a few episodes that made me wonder what was going on creatively.  In a few episodes of some shows and their finales had some content that just made me never want to watch it again.  Lost comes to mind, Smallville was another one I thought was great until it ran a few seasons too long and I never bothered to watch it end.  The Sopranos was one I had to stop watching because I could not afford HBO any longer, but I didn't hear many positive things about how it ended.  Deadwood, is one I actually own because I thought it ended well enough to be put to rest even though their was talk of a final film.  I was buying seasons of Lost as it was still on the air until the finale aired and I was so disappointed with them I sold the seasons I owned because it was no longer interesting or worth re-visiting.  I re-watch my Breaking Bad DVD's often, and I am really looking forward to how this will end.  I know it will not end well for any of the characters, this series in my opinion falls in the category of crime film noire  and there are never any happy endings for the characters in that form of storytelling.

Happy or bad ending as long as the ending is good enough to fit the trend of the show and characters the audience should be satisfied.  Not every show can go on what seems like forever, unless that show is Doctor Who of course.  I'm all for closing out a story as long as it is done well.  Does anyone else have a show in mind whose finale disappointed?  Please post on comments below.

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