Sunday, August 4, 2013

2 Guns: Review

     The buddy cop film is an oldie but goodie genre, no matter how many of them come out they are always welcome.  Just when you think Denzel Washington may be too old to do something, he up and stars in one of the better buddy cop films of this year, 2 Guns.  He and Mark Wahlberg have instant on screen chemistry and if this film can get a sequel, lets hope its soon.

Old school summer movie action.
Movies in this genre don't need to be Oscar winning material, they need to be funny, have hot women, action, and great comedic banter.  This film delivers on all that and more, I can't remember a film that had this many people out to get one another since The Way of the Gun.  In a time where the summer movies are pretty much a bombardment of super hero comic book based films, this was a refreshing change,(Although this film too is based off of a Graphic Novel of the same name).  Bill Paxton and Edward James Olmos play some of the key villains in this film and having not seen them in anything major in recent years it was nice to see them put their feet into their roles for this.  Denzel Washington of course does not disappoint playing undercover DEA agent Bobby Beans (one of his many alias's in the film), along with partner and fellow man on the run from everyone who betrays them Mark Wahlbergs performance of Naval officer gone AWOL Stiggs, the exchanges these two guys have with each other and the bad guys will have you slapping your knees red.  The story may have some predictable twists but that won't matter too much.

2 Guns is out now, and if you are a little tired of the sci fi, comic book film genre that has been absorbing the summer line up this is a good break from that.  Again, this is based on a comic so not really, but the presentation is a nice change of pace.  No CGI giant monsters or space suits and powers, just some good old fashion shoot outs, explosions, and bromance. If you want some of that with a little of the buddy cop movie I'm sure you can still catch R.I.P.D.

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