Sunday, August 4, 2013

Again with the Video Game violence nonsense?

       I read on The Hill today that "The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee unanimously advanced legislation on Tuesday to study the impact of violent video games and other media on children."  Every time I read these accusation I get flashbacks of the 80's when Heavy Metal was supposed make us worship the devil, and listening to N.W.A was going to make me hate law enforcement and authority.

The entertainment industry is aware of what they are publishing and they do a decent job of putting the information out there so that people know what they are getting.  The problem is they have to pay attention to the warnings that are out there.  I've written about this before , but every time I see those that do not enjoy the escape from the daily grind that playing video games provides trying to demonize the hobby, it bothers me.  For the record, I have a few good friends in law enforcement and I have not sacrificed any animals to Lucifer, it's just good music and the games we play are just games we play.  If there are kids dumb enoug out there that think that stuff is doable, that they can recharge there health after getting hurt if they hide for a while, they're just dumb and need to be shown right from wrong.  If a parent buys their kid an "M" rated game, and they do "M" rated things because they saw it in the game played, you brought them to that media because you did not heed the warnings.  If the stuff makes in your home educate yourself about what interests your kids so you can point out the right and wrong.  You don't have to hide in their closets and sneak around, just look at the labels and warnings that are already there.  Have conversations, intereact with the kid, make them put down something for bit just say, " Hey, whats new with you kid?".  Yes you'll be annoying at times but you'll be doing the right thing and be able to notice any wrong things.

In the thing I wrote about before I provided the links for both the ESRB and MPAA, just to help spread the information around, in the article I read that sparked this rant it also mentioned a quote I'll attach here because I agree that they do a good job of trying to keep the consumer informed.  They just have to read the information, here's the other quote:

"Our industries have a longstanding commitment to providing parents with the resources, education and tools they need to make appropriate family viewing and entertainment decisions," the National Cable & Telecommunications Association and the Motion Picture Association of America said.

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