Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Well played Sony...well played.

100 dollars less...after a price drop I'm sold.

     I took a game theory class a few terms back and ever since I notice the moves these companies make in playing against one another, Nintendo was actually used as an example in one of the lectures.  It's only one hundred dollars less than the Xbox One but 100 bucks is 100 bucks and the more consoles that occupy peoples homes seems to determine the titles that get released on what consoles to some degree.  Xbox One seems to be the one not to go with with judging by negative views on social media because of all the restrictions they are putting on the console so far with used games and being on line.

     Sony's doing the opposite (so it seems) for less money and may make people treat Sony like it's the good old PS2 days, when they were at their best.  They lost me at launch of the PS3 when it was $600 but it looks like they learned from their mistake.  I don't know why the other restrictions exist on the Xbox One or why a company, after the obvious skepticism, would follow through with what is bringing them negative press.  I guess any press is still good press and keeps their name in the news while people are looking.  Also, they both look like big black boxes with the exception of their logos and company colors, the PS4 seems to be a little slanted as well.  I wonder how nicely they'll fit in the standard persons entertainment unit?  I never got into the standing on its side displayed in the picture above because there was an incident where it went flat and the disc got scratched.  Now that the price wars are over, the next test will be which ones have less problems that new consoles tend to have when they first come out.  Like, over heating, RROD (red ring of death for Xbox), and anything new that might come up.  I guess we'll see "this holiday season" since that's when lines and reviews will be up.  I'm staying out of it for now, but the PS4 has caught my eye...because it's cheaper than $499.

    You know what I hate about the marketing buzz in the home entertainment business?  They start so far away form when we can get the stuff that I lose interest by the time this stuff becomes available.  I'm not a "hard core gamer" by any means but I have been playing games since the Atari 5600 so it's part of my list of hobbies.  There was a good price...Atari 5600 was under 50 bucks at one point.  Now that's a price I like!


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